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Mountain biking in all its forms in Oz

The mountain bike offer in OZ-en-Oisans, which is already rich in this area, is being further expanded this summer. Several sales sites resell second-hand mountain bikes which will be accessible to everyone’s budget. The loop of lakes, already accessible to mountain bikes, will be promoted by the Isère department. A new red enduro track has also been created in the Combe de Poutran.

The Tour des Lacs des Petites Rousses is one of them,” says Sébastien Pomini, the director of the Oz-en-Oisans tourist office, who is delighted to announce that “in its desire to promote electric-assisted cycling, Isère Attractivité (formerly Isère Tourisme) has selected 13 emblematic itineraries throughout the department, which will be marked out and promoted in a specific plan.Identified two years ago as an e-bike itinerary, this 10 km loop with a 290 m difference in altitude – about 1 hour by mountain bike – will take you through a unique setting at an altitude of 2000 m, on the Alpette plateau, between peat bogs, streams, alpine meadows and the four lakes you will ride around (Besson, Carrelet, Faucille and Noir).

The other mountain bike novelty of summer 2020 is the creation of an enduro track – the Mado – to reach Oz from the Games area (either when you are at the top of the Poutran gondola or at the arrival of the DMC 1).This red itinerary of 4.5 km and 746 m of negative difference in altitude passes through the Poutran coomb, and offers a more accessible alternative to the black downhill piste “Poutran”, even if you still need to have an average level to venture there.” It’s a very varied track, in a rather wild setting.the high part takes place on mountain pastures and meadows, then we arrive on more stony areas (especially on slabs) and in the forest, approaching the torrent of Roubier. it offers a beautiful view of the resort and the lake of Verney below”, says Sébastien Pomini.

A new track that the competitors of the Alpine Enduro Trophy (scheduled for August 22nd and 23rd) will discover on one of the three special stages of this event totalling 18 km, 2500 m of negative gradient and 600 m of positive gradient.Provided that the changing health conditions linked to Covid-19 allow it to be held, a driving race for children aged between 2 and 5 years old will take place at the same time as this enduro mountain bike event, similar to a boardercross (starts with five people at the front, in the grass, on a small course laid out on the snow front).

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